CQI Learning

Read more below about all the opportunities staff have to increase their knowledge and abilities to identify and solve work problems and process issues, which will empower them to elevate the student experience here at Wayne State.

  • Intro to CQI Course (Online)

    This interactive session provides an overview of CQI culture at Wayne State and introduces staff to basic CQI methods and concepts. Learners walk away feeling inspired and empowered to get started on an improvement opportunity right away, or to explore next-level learning experiences and resources.

    Enroll in Intro to CQI Online Course

    Note: All new FBO staff are expected to complete this learning as part of their new hire onboarding. For most, this can be accomplished online through the Canvas course. Classroom sessions are customized and scheduled for groups without easy access to the online course. Contact PAI for information.

  • CQI Connection Community of Practice (CoP)

    Once staff has experienced Intro to CQI, they can join the CQI Connections Community of Practice (CoP,) which is a campus-wide, self-selected group of individuals who:

    • Have a common want/need to learn more about practicing CQI in their day-to-day practice
    • Want easy access to do-it-yourself CQI resources such as an online toolkit, schedule of events, and peer discussions
    • Find value in connecting with others on campus who are also looking to improve processes and elevate the student experience at Wayne State

    Request to join CQI Connection

  • DIY Online Toolkit/Instructional Media Library

    Once staff have experienced the Intro to CQI course, check out the CQI Toolkit - a library of tools, accompanied by usage instructions and templates

  • CQI for Leaders: Lean PDSAComing Soon!

    These offerings are currently in development. Check back here for more details, coming soon!

  • CQI in Accelerate (Supplemental Self-Paced Learning)

    Jumpstart or expand your knowledge in general continuous quality improvement with the rich selection of learning resources available online for free to Wayne State staff right from the home page of the Accelerate online learning library.

    Take advantage of these learning resources, free for WSU staff (log into Accelerate first before clicking links below):

    Contact HR with questions about using Accelerate.

Got questions? Contact fbo-pai@wayne.edu.