About the CQI Connection CoP

What's a Community of Practice (CoP) Anyway?

According to expert Etienne Wenger, "communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly."

Who is Eligible to Participate?

All WSU staff are eligible to gain access to the CQI Connection CoP.

What Do I Get (What's in It for Me)?

There are many benefits to having a community of practice, both for the individuals involved and for the organization in which they exist. A community of practice is a support network for people who share a common role. It creates opportunities for learning, building capability, sharing knowledge, breaking down silos, and reducing duplication of work.

Specific to the CQI Connection here at Wayne State, members gain access to:

  • Assistance by certified PAI staff
  • Learning events, webinars, and a staff CQI conference
  • An online toolkit full of standard process improvement tools and resources
  • Support and inspiration through peer discussions, where all can share success stories and lessons learned
  • Shared resources such as videos, podcasts, recommended reading lists, a CQI glossary, and more!
  • Opportunities to lend your voice to shape the growth of the CoP

What Do I Give (What's Expected of Me)?

As a member of the CQI Connection CoP, this is what we hope you'll offer your fellow members:

  • Engaging others by contributing your thoughts and ideas
  • Participation in learning events as they are provided
  • Sharing your experiences in your process improvement efforts, both the successes as well as the lessons learned
  • Respect and support for all other members of the CoP

These expectations will be modeled and enforced by community moderators. This and more are outlined in the CQI Connection CoP Charter.

Read charter now.

How Can I Join (How Soon Can I Get Started)?

Joining the fun is easy! Just complete this form to request entry into the online CoP space and start exploring. Your request is received immediately and access should be granted with 24-48 hours. (Your participation in the CoP assumes agreement with the terms of the CQI Connection CoP Charter.)

Request CoP Access

I'm Interested in Joining the CQI Connection Advisory Group

We're actively recruiting all process improvement practitioners in the WSU campus community to join our *CQI Connection Advisory Group.* Whether you're certified in Lean, Six Sigma or notif you're:

  • A project or program manager
  • An innovator with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • One who has had successes (and failures) while improving processes
  • One who is teaching process improvement or project management
    we want YOU!

Those who are selected to join will have the opportunity to influence broad CQI support practices here at Wayne; to help lead online discussions and periodic webinars within the CoP; and to have their own work and stories of successes and lessons learned featured on the CQI website, in the CQI Communicator newsletter, and in CQI learning materials. Come join usclick the button below to complete the form. 

Join the Connection Advisory Group