Our Approach to CQI Support

Our approach to supporting the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement across WSU is three-pronged:

  • CQI Support/Facilitation

    We employ a "teach them to fish" methodology in our three levels of engagement with teams of various sizes and capacities.

    Visit our CQI Support/Facilitation page to learn more about each level of service/engagement.

  • CQI Staff Learning

    We employ a multi-modal, blended approach to helping staff grow their knowledge and skills toward process design and improvement, data collection, results reporting, and more.

    Visit our CQI Learning page to learn more about our offerings.

  • CQI Accountable Operations

    In PAI, we don't just "talk the talk," we also "Walk the Walk." In everything we do, we plan for results, monitor performance, measure our effectiveness and make sure we share that in an open and transparent way.

    Visit our CQI Project Dashboard page to learn more.

CQI service delivery model for PAI