CQI Facilitators

We are a small but mighty group of process improvement facilitators, certified in Lean, Six Sigma, and project management. Our passion is helping our colleagues in all areas of the University to design new processes and define existing ones; focus on our customers (students and campus community) while those processes are designed or improved; and use real process performance data to measure the gaps between process outcomes and the needs of our customers, along with quantifying and qualifying the improvements made to processes through CQI facilitation.

Allison Martin

AVP, Office of Planning, Assessment & Innovation
"Chief Quality Officer"

Bill Ging

Director, BTS; certified Six Sigma Blackbelt

Michelle Schnell

Certified project manager and Six Sigma Blackbelt

Tonya V Thomas

Certified project manager and Six Sigma Blackbelt

Allan Kjellberg

Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt

June Jennings

Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt