CQI Support & Facilitation

Read more below about all the ways PAI process improvement experts partner with teams to identify needs for process improvement and to plan the actions to improve those processes. Click each offering below to learn more.

  • EXPRESS Improvement ("Express-I" Level 1)

    ...for simpler, short-term challenges

    In this 2.5-hour facilitated work session, your workgroup will partner with one of PAI's certified process improvement facilitators to:

    • Use quick, simple problem-solving tools and techniques to define the process challenge and possible solutions
    • Develop an action plan that can be implemented immediately within your contained workgroup to resolve the challenge
    • Set a foundation for addressing more complex process issues heading into Level 2 or 3 improvement effort

    Note: Workgroup leaders (and members) should participate in the course "Intro to CQI" as a prerequisite for this offering.

  • RAPID Improvement ("RAPID-I" Level 2)

    ...for more complex challenges

    In several customized facilitated work sessions, your workgroup will partner with one of PAI's certified process improvement facilitators to:

    • Assemble the right team of people
    • Review the problem
    • Assess the current state of the process and collect baseline data that shows the need for change
    • Plan the actions that are needed to bring about the desired improvements; develop target key performance indicators
    • Implement the change, and collect post-implementation performance data
    • Determine the success of your improvement effort by comparing improvement data to KPIs

    RAPID I service delivery framework

  • TOTAL Improvement ("Total-I" Level 3)

    ...for complete business process re-engineering

    If your team has a more complex improvement need, our trained Lean Six Sigma facilitators will work with your team for transformational change and dramatic improvement, using the data-driven DMAIC approach for process improvement.

    graphic flow illustration of DMAIC process

Questions? Contact fbo-pai@wayne.edu.