CQI Resource Acknowledgments

Aside from and in addition to the university tools at our disposal on campus, we'd also like to share our acknowledgment of the following tools and resources we use in our practice as PI, PM, and BI practitioners (this list is not yet comprehensive):


We use this tool to achieve a wide range of project management, task management, data collection, dashboard and data reporting tasks related to the work we do and the work we help our client partners improve.


We use this tool to help us create interactive process maps and more, in real-time collaboration with the client partners we serve.


We use Miro as a easy way to collaborate with partners in creating visual process improvement tools and references to help to assess needs, plan changes, and track the impact of improvements.

Visual Paradigm

Wayne State University is a member of the Visual Paradigm Online Academic Partner Program and has access to Visual Paradigm Online software and other resources.


We use this tool to create quick, straightforward visual task flow checklists to support our client partners in their process work.


We use this tool to engage groups using personal networked devices during facilitated events.

Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI)

As an institutional member, Wayne State benefits from and participates in NCCI's goal of positioning higher education institutions to be agile, lifelong learning models to transform lives and communities around the world.

Education Advisory Board (EAB)

As an institutional member, Wayne State benefits from efforts/offerings by EAB to partner with education leaders, practitioners, and staff to accelerate progress and drive results. We are honored to work with the most progressive colleges, universities, community colleges, K-12 districts, independent schools, and graduate programs in the country.


As we adopt additional tools, or build strong recommendations for others, you can look for us to add them here, and in our online CQI Toolkit in the CQI Connection Community of Practice, coming soon.