Web Time Entry (WTE) Support

WTE Support Information and Job Aids

General WTE Support (PDF) - Includes checking leave balances, accessing a timesheet, entering hours, changing/correcting hours, submitting a timesheet, and entering an account distribution.

WTE Support for Approvers (PDF) - Includes accessing/approving employee timesheets, timesheet status actions, assigning a Proxy, and overriding an employee's time entry.

WTE Support for SuperUsers (PDF) - Includes SU actions by timesheet status, submitting an in-progress timesheet, extracting a timesheet, and managing approver queues.

Changing Labor Distribution (PDF) - Includes changing the FOAPAL Information for Hours Worked.

Creating Routing Queue Rules on NTRRQUE (PDF) 

Updating Routing Queue Rules on NTRRQUE (PDF) 

Overriding a Timesheet Approver with NBAJQUE (PDF) 

Returning an Approved Timesheet (PDF)