BTS Service Testimonials

What Client Partners are Saying

We do good work! Here's what our client partners are saying about their experience working with BTS staff.

"Always great response and service!"

"Hi, Bill and Allison,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful I am for Allan's support and expertise, and for the opportunity to work with him. He was instrumental in getting the Return to Campus Leader Guide created, posted and communicated. 

Allan follows-up quickly, has a keen eye for detail and shares information and resources that help me grow and learn.  He enables me to be better, but equally important, he reminds me why I love working at WSU - even in a pandemic!"

– Sharon Tse, Human Resources

"[...]always goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of the end product, and excellence in service/the experience of working together. He listens actively, answers questions and is creative in approaching problems and generating solutions. He is patient, willing to try new things and follows-up."

"[...] was extremely helpful and patience with the technical issues that I had. [...]  also responded to my technical issues in a very timely manner."

"[...] was very approachable and cooperative. It was a pleasure to collaborate, being informed of the progress every step of the way. My compliment to her ability to attend to detail."

"Excellent job learning a process that had previously been supported by others!"

"Fantastic job. Went over and above expectations!"

"Great Job!!!"

"[...] is always extremely helpful and prompt'"

"[...] was very helpful."

"No problems with service. It was handled quickly."

"Quick response!"

"[...] responded quickly to my request, which was greatly appreciated."

"She turned the data around very quickly."

"[...]  responded promptly and cordially with progress report each step of the way. She demonstrated that she was knowledgeable about the process and provided testing data for verification. Her attention to detail and ability to recognize appropriate action at each step makes it reassuring..."

"The staff was very efficient. Resolved my problem in a very timely manner."

"Very helpful and patient with me."

"Very helpfully."